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FunLoom Plus How-To Videos

Welcome to the FunLoom Plus How-To Video Section. Below are a couple of videos to show you different ways to create rubber band bracelets and other fun projects with FunLoom. Check out the videos below and have fun!


For all of the FunLoom instructional videos, click here!



How To Make a FunLoom Single Multi-Color Bracelet

The FunLoom how-to video below will walk you through the steps on how to make a single multi-color FunLoom rubber band bracelet. You can use these directions for making Rainbow Loom bracelets too!


How To Make a FunLoom Fishtail Bracelet

Use the easy to follow video below to learn how to make a FunLoom fishtail bracelet. These directions can be used to learn how to make Rainbow Loom bracelets too!